Boarding & Dry Lining

Plaster Boards
Dry Lining refers to the process used when attaching plaster based sheet boards to either a wooden stud framework , metal stud work or direct to brick or block works using an adhesive compound in a process called dot & dab.

It is popular, on both new build applications and refurbishment projects.

There are many different types of board used in dry lining, each one suited to a particular purpose or need, from standard wall boards to specialty boards:-

  • Moisture Boards

    Used for bath rooms and rooms with high levels of condensation.

  • Fireline boards

    Especially suited where additional support is required for extended fire retardation.

  • Sound boards

    Used to reduce sound travel through walls and partitions or coupled with resilient bar can offer sound protection between floors.

  • Insulated Boards

    Coupled with a layer of insulation these boards can be used to reduce heat loss and lower carbon emissions.

What ever the application there is a board to suite, and using the correct board for the job makes all the difference.