Venetian & Decorative Plastering

i Classici

The i Classici product range includes interior & exterior lime based finishes to create multiple unique plastering effects, they include high-gloss, mat, satin or textured.

Combinations of the products can be used to further expand the range of possibilities and coupled with various top coats a variety of applications are available for this truly flexible product.

i Classici Main Features


  • Green: 99% natural, VOC-free
  • Ecological: large use of reclaimed materials, such as marble dust and sawdust
  • Reversible: made from mineral raw materials fully recyclable


  • Breathable: low resistance to vapor diffusion and high permeability
  • dehumidifying: great capacity to absorb the water present in the walls and resistance to alkaline salts thanks to its high porosity
  • Insulating: thermal and acoustic insulating properties due to the high micro-porosity
  • Antibacterial: hostility to the survival of molds, mould and bacteria thanks to the high alkalinity of lime (pH> 12.5)
  • Safe: lime-based products are non-flammable and non-combustible


  • Ductile: great workability and high filling power
  • Durable: mechanical resistance and functional qualities improve with time
  • Compatible: high compatibility with the historical materials